Tuesday, December 28, 2010

a little clown ... A pattern by Stephanie Novatski

Some times I start a post then forget to finish and post it ! So here is one of them I did a while ago ... This is My Version of a Stephanie Novatski Pattern. This pattern was published last year  or maybe the year before ... you all know  how time flys . The Doll Club I belong to desided to make it club project , We are lucky enough to have Stephanie as a leading Member  of a group that meets once a month in Neptune NJ.The Doll was a Sweet Valentine Doll But As you can tell I went with what I had and it was Stars and  dots  and it became a clown . I added slippers and a purple glass bead for her nose ... The things  I loved about this pattern .... The Hands and the cute feet were  easy and perfect ....The pattern called for a piece of felt sewn into the flat head .Wow that made all the difference when I started to do her face. The hair I made for this little clown is yarn that I wrapped on knitting needles and heat set in a warm oven .  I was very happy with the results  ..... I donated this doll to a charity soon after I finished her.  

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Stephanie said...

Awesome! Love what you did with the face!