Tuesday, December 28, 2010

June bugs paper clay Sister

Meet June bugs Sister ..
  My Second  Doll in Paper Clay  .......

      Meet June Bugs sister.. I didn't give her a name because I'm sending her to my Mom in Florida..I'm leaving the naming to her .
    I sculpted this small  doll's  head , legs , feet , arms and Hands from paper clay .she has a cage style wire armature , this gave her  body Dimension .I wrapped the armature with a little batting then I slipped on a cloth body suit made from a cotton lycra , a two way stretch fabric....Her wild hair is a beautiful natural silky Moe hair. I picked up her hair  from Collen Athens ,Colleen sells the most delightful Moe hair for dolls! The paint  I used for her skin was the last of my Hanni Sarris faerie skin tone ..Boohoo I'm going to miss  using  Hannis paints . Her Costume is fashioned from a scrap of mesh fabric I gathered and stiffened , some velvet ribbon . tiny woolen nubs , polymer clay flowers with vintage pink rhinestone crystals . a dash of German glass glitter on her shoes and lace wings . TA DA  she is Done .

Her over sized feet 

I didn't have a lot of luck photographing her
But  you can see her  from head to toe  and
even see the tips of her wings.

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Colleen said...

Heathie...she is fantastic. I love the little touches...the hat is WOAH (the nubs and flowers make the look !!!! LOVE IT DOLLINK!!!!