Monday, December 20, 2010

Doll Club Christmas Swap 2010

This  is the bear I did . I changed the small plastic eyes
 for vintage shoe buttons , and trimmed the fluffy hair down
Added a little polymer clay hat and a bit of vintage lace. .I know
you cant see them but the little dress has white  polymer clay
flowers with peachy pink rhinestone crystals  and pail green
velvet rick rack ribbon . The  beads suspended in the bears paws
are from my stash of goodies .

        Ever year the Girls from Neptune doll club do a Christmas Swap this year Stephanie picked up tiny Bear kits from AC moore .I think they were all of a buck fifty
        The challenge was to Re-make  and  Decorate the fuzzy little Bears .Five Girls brought finished  and Gift wrapped Bears for the Swap. We put numbers in a hat  to see who would pick first , I pulled the number 2 .

Miss Margaret created the tiny Christmas angel .she looks
Ready to dance  in her  pink Too Too .

Stephanie Put her Bear in a Christmas stocking.
 she used rhinestone buttons for the eyes and I'll bet
she made the fabric the stocking is made from

Maria.s Bear  with its amazing needle felted face and paws .the golden outfit she created is lushly layered with poofs and lace.

This is the Bear I picked .A Nutcracker Bear!
Made by Jane .I just love him and get a big smile
every time I look at him. Don't you love the big
Nutcracker teeth

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Chris said...

I like the last doll! It's very unique and attractive. I also like the doll clothing. For 18 inch dolls to be loved by little girls, the clothing and accessories must be attractive. Like the clothes for 18 inch dolls that my daughter received last Christmas, the quality is really good. Thanks for sharing the doll photos, Heather! Love them!