Sunday, September 25, 2011

Englishtown Flea Mkt

     Big Ed and I hit the Road  early today  hoping to get a good parking spot at the Flea Mkt . We didn't leave early enough ! The parking lot was crazy full when we arrived ,So we paid the 2 bucks to park across the street ..and I'm glad we did because we found the  BAR !!!  and with today's unexpected Hot weather an Ice Cold Bahama Mama was the perfect ending to a sweaty hike around Englishtown Flea Mkt .
    " One mans Junk is another mans Treasure "   I think today's treasure hunt went Well , 5 empty pocket watch cases , some kinda silvery Nails , a hand full of small blackish metal things  and two tiny silver magnifying glasses .
      I think I will use at least one watch cases and the Nails at  "Art Is You " as for the rest of the stuff .... Ahhh the Ideas swirling round in my head .....

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Transparency Film

     Today I  decided I would  print images from the My computer on to Transparency Film ,I need a few for  a Class at  Art is You  in October .  I spent an hr searching for some Vintage Paris Postcards and photos, along with photos of my favorite silent film star Lillian Gish and 1920 bathing beauties , Tuns to choose from !
     About 2 yrs ago My friend Tery Favo  ordered 2 boxes of  "Zelar ink jet  transparency Film" off E-bay , I picked one box up from her , needless to say  I stuck it in my craft closet and there it sat untouched until today

     I'll be damned no instructions on the Box ! So I'll wing it ..HA HA ..I printed out about 10  sheets before I realized they were not drying ... yikes.. So I called Tery up  " ring ring " Thank you MissT.. she told me one side should be a little rough and that is the side I should be printing on  DUH  I was printing on the wrong side !! OK now I know what I'm doing ...NOT ...I printed out 3 sheets of  POST CARDS before I realized they needed to be flipped  ...Errrrr....Well I did finally get it right just as the ink ran out....

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Linda Misa Work shop part 3

       I know I have been away from My Blog All summer ,lets just Say I have been very Busy .A couple workshops ,and a creative Weekend Down the Jersey shore ..But the best thing that happened to me this Summer is ..I BECAME A GRAND MOTHER !!!

       First things First ...She is Finished! I tried to get a good photo of her hanging from her parachute but try as I might She kept swaying and twirling in the breeze.. so here it goes ...