Sunday, September 25, 2011

Englishtown Flea Mkt

     Big Ed and I hit the Road  early today  hoping to get a good parking spot at the Flea Mkt . We didn't leave early enough ! The parking lot was crazy full when we arrived ,So we paid the 2 bucks to park across the street ..and I'm glad we did because we found the  BAR !!!  and with today's unexpected Hot weather an Ice Cold Bahama Mama was the perfect ending to a sweaty hike around Englishtown Flea Mkt .
    " One mans Junk is another mans Treasure "   I think today's treasure hunt went Well , 5 empty pocket watch cases , some kinda silvery Nails , a hand full of small blackish metal things  and two tiny silver magnifying glasses .
      I think I will use at least one watch cases and the Nails at  "Art Is You " as for the rest of the stuff .... Ahhh the Ideas swirling round in my head .....


Colleen said... are only supposed to go there with me!!! hahahha looks cool...I see that in your michael demeng book... said...

Nice booty! Love the tiny magnifying glasses. I am some where in Delaware, soon to be home from vacation.

Rhissanna said...

You're right about treasure! The weeny magnifying glasses are a real find.