Sunday, January 9, 2011

The Cleaning of my craft closet

    Today was a cold and windy day ..A very good day to clean my craft closet .
    Over the holidays the floor totally disappeared under the piles stuff.  My home is a two family built in 1880 .  My hubby Big Ed and I live on the first floor in very nice 1 bedroom apt  and we have tenants in the second floor apt .
     Living in a small place has led me to be creative  in storing my craft stuff.  this closet is approximately 3 ft wide by 10 feet deep it is located in my kitchen , I guess It could have been a pantry .
     I only keep cotton fabrics here .all kinds of .ribbon .All types of glue and spray sealers. a box of  Doll heads and eyes  I even have a big box of unfinished Dolls !  The tower of green bins holds all kinds of Clay ,embossing supplies ,cookie cutters and the big bin on the bottom is stuffed with doll hair .As you can see I have a lot of photo boxes labeled so I know right where to find the things I need,


Stephanie said...

Great job organizing! I think you need to graduate and use your skills in a larger area - my studio!

paula nerhus said...

girl you are way too organized! I shutter at the thought of cleaning up all my messes!LOL