Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Half Pint Pixie .. The first in a series

I picked up this  pattern at Day With Dolls 2010
It is an Allison Marano Pattern  it went together beautiful 
      Half Pint Pixie... Pattern By Allison Marano
As you can see my version is not like the doll pictured on the pattern . That is because I usually buy a pattern for the basic body then I do my own thing.   
   This Pattern went together like a dream , from the perfect tiny fingers to the cute little tush . I love the simple body suit Allison put in the pattern  and I'm using it on all the dolls in the series,
   I added eyes and eye lids  to the face and needle sculpted the nose a little more than the pattern called for .
   The Tattoo on her face was Inspired by a tiny hole I put in the face while moving some fiber fill around with a needle . Glitter and some beautiful crystals  did the trick and I think made the doll. this Doll is the first in a series I have two more dolls that are faced up and partly dressed and a forth that is just a body and head  with no face yet .I'll post them as they are finished . Peace and Love Heather.

This is the first Doll  in a series ,I took the photos
the day I packed her up and Mailed her to Germany
To live with My Beautiful Sister Dawn .

I am really Happy with her face if you  look Close
you can see her tiny eyelashes  ,I achieved
the pout  and gloss of her lips by applying several coats  of 3D
 Crystal lacquer

The hair is light pink Tibetan lamb ,her body suit is a funky bit of stretch lace . I made petals from chiffon for her little dress and heat sealed the edges  before adding a little glitter to them .I used a little texture glass on the ruffles to add dimension  .She has wings made from lace and wire,  with bicone crystals on the tips.


Stephanie said...

Very Sweet! Can't wait to see them at doll club. You have been soo busy!

Colleen said...

Heathie...WOW WOW WOWWW. I LOVE her...I love the PINK...and her wings....A Beautiful doll! You are fantastic with the needle and thread! Peace out! (haha) Colleen

Once We Were Faeries ~Judy said...

I love this doll and she is all the better for the 'tattoo' I must give this a try one of these days!