Thursday, January 27, 2011

" Solstice " the winter Garden Farie

At first I thought the feet Molly
Provided were crazy Big ...But
They look good and The  Doll
Stands on her own
    I only name Dolls when I'm going to keep ..I am in love with Solstice ! This is by far the best face sculpt I have ever done . Her Hands Came out beautiful  Too . Thank you Molly .
    I did her face with a verity of mediums .Acrylic paint ,sparkling H2o water color, a little human makeup , chalks and a couple mists of Duncan super matte finish She still needs eye lashes and  shimmer powders  to soften her a little and blend out the tiny imperfections.( a tiny bit of dirt in the clay )
    I don't usually apply the hair before the costume is finished ,but I was looking for her personality. The BIG hair is just what she needed .
   I love the sparkly blue fabric I
chose for her under garment . her shoes  have a coat of paint ,
and need embellishing
    As For Wings.. I have a pair of wings started ,,,I'm not loving them. We will see if I make her a new pair or use the pair I have started , I guess  it All depends on The fabric I choose to create the rest of her costume from


I think she needs more hair on the top of her
Head . she will get a crown of some
sort  , if she needs more hair I'll add it
behind her  head piece


Anonymous said...

she is purty! fabulous job! love, dawn

Stephanie said...

She really is beautiful! WOWZA!!!

Heather Elizabeth Brauner said...

Thank You ladies

Colleen said...

Heathie!!! SHE IS Fabulous!!! AND yes...YOUR BEST MOST PRETTIEST DOLL!!! I love how you painted her face...and her big hair is so pretty with soft curls...I love the blue sparkly fabric...cant wait to see her completed now... you are not giving her away!? haha Love Colleen

Angel Hugs said...

She is fabulouse Heather!I love seeing your ladies it's always something wonderful and different!

Mary Louisa said...

She is wonderful, love the gold ring that you have on her finger.

Amber Dawn Inventive Soul said...

She is so naturally glamorous looking!

ostrich girl said...

It was super fun reading your posts!! It sounds like you are having a blast with all your creative adventures!!!! "Solstice" is turning out Beautiful!!! Talk Soon!