Saturday, February 26, 2011

Faces 101 With Maria

step one.. laying out the features  
                                                                                                      On the third Friday of the month the Doll club meets in Neptune NJ at the public Library . When we get to gether the room is filled with creative energy it is fantastic , Most every month we work on something fun ,This meeting was no exception      
For February we did Face drawing and coloring  ,With the fabulous Maria ... She taught us how to section the face correctly .draw the eyes lips and nose , and then onto the best part Shading  and coloring for a realistic looking face on cloth.. we used prisma colored pencils ,chalks ,ultra fine fabric markers and gel pens. she gave us many good tips for Eyes and lips along with techniques for getting a three dimensional feel from a flat cloth face.
I learned so much ,but still have a long way to go to catch up to Maria ..look how beautiful and realistic her faces are!
What is it they say Practice Practice Practice ,that is what I'll be doing  and hopefully I will put out some outstanding faces like Maria .

A little shading done
My finished face is the one on the right 

Maria's Faces !!! Fantastic looking   .

Friday, February 25, 2011

WOOOHOOO I Won I Won !!!

Yes I won this Fantastic hand Made Heart Pendant .... I won it from Mary Wiseman on Face Book  ..  She is a Friend I met at a Doll Work shop in Kentucky a couple yrs ago .. I love Marys ART  her sassy spirit  and her generous soul too. THANK YOU MARY I love it !    

Monday, February 21, 2011

Solstice has sleeves

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  I hate to say it but I struggle with Sleeves on my polymer clay Dolls and Solstice proved to be No different , the first sleeves were to short and to pouffe ,the second set just didn't thrill me something about the gathers at the shoulder... but on my third attempt I GOT IT !  I'm happy with them .
          I applied  lace to the sleeve that I first Stiffened with " Stiffen Stuff" spray , after the spray dried ( with help from a hot Iron ) I added  some " Stickles" in  frosted lace to parts of the lace...ugh  that stuff took hrs to dry. But gave a nice icy  texture to the lace , a few  tiny dots of golden glitter glue created bead like accents  too . I know that the embellishing of her sleeves has just begun ... check back in a few to see her costume evolve .

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Getting Back to Solstice ...

      Wow as Valentine weekend passed I realized it has been a whole month since I took the work shop with Molly Stanton .How Time Flys! I think it is time to get on with finishing my doll.
     I'm never sure the direction a doll will take  me when I start it ,I guess you can say I let it happen . Some times it happens quick and other times I audition many fabrics and Ideas before it all falls into place.
      For Solstice I knew I wanted to Keep her in Blue and white with touches of gold . I tried several combinations before finding just the right icy blue, and winter white .I am still on the hunt for the leather or fabric to make her corset from, Not to mention I haven't begun to pick out findings and jewels
     Check back in a few days and you will get a glimpse of her with some clothes on !

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Valentine Kitty

Sanded polished and ready for paint
      No pink Hearts for this Valentine Kitty ,She is  Mocha and Dark chocolate all the way .
      I started with a recycled Cloth body from a Stephanie Novatski Pattern, and a Styrofoam ball for the head . I used paper clay to sculpt the face,ears ,boots and mittens. Sanded and polished  the paper clay till smooth.. I used acrylic paint to do up her face and paint the leopard on her mittens and boots. I used a little chalk on the cheeks before spraying  with a matt sealer.
      The best part of Doll making for me is creating the costume ,and this doll was no different . City Kitty  has beautiful milk chocolate silk pants and a jacket in dark brown vintage velvet ,all trimmed in fur .She is adorned with a vintage pink broach and Rhinestone collar . when I look at her I think she needs a Hat ,but I haven't come up with one She Loves yet.

She even has a paper clay tail

I'm so happy with Her leopard Boots and Mittens
I think the City Kitty needs a Hat of some sort But She has not been happy
any of my choices.