Saturday, February 26, 2011

Faces 101 With Maria

step one.. laying out the features  
                                                                                                      On the third Friday of the month the Doll club meets in Neptune NJ at the public Library . When we get to gether the room is filled with creative energy it is fantastic , Most every month we work on something fun ,This meeting was no exception      
For February we did Face drawing and coloring  ,With the fabulous Maria ... She taught us how to section the face correctly .draw the eyes lips and nose , and then onto the best part Shading  and coloring for a realistic looking face on cloth.. we used prisma colored pencils ,chalks ,ultra fine fabric markers and gel pens. she gave us many good tips for Eyes and lips along with techniques for getting a three dimensional feel from a flat cloth face.
I learned so much ,but still have a long way to go to catch up to Maria ..look how beautiful and realistic her faces are!
What is it they say Practice Practice Practice ,that is what I'll be doing  and hopefully I will put out some outstanding faces like Maria .

A little shading done
My finished face is the one on the right 

Maria's Faces !!! Fantastic looking   .


Colleen said...

Dear Heather...of course you pointed out your doll..not to get confused with my Little carzy face!!! hahaha I just can't follow instructions! You did fantastic in this class..Maria is a great teacher and I definately walked away with something...

Heather Elizabeth Brauner said...

Thank You Girly Girl ..I love the face you did..That is why I didn't crop it out We all know Cloth is not your thang LOL !!! Maria was a great teacher ..

Elizabeth Parsons said...

I like both of your doll faces! I made one fabric doll was not pretty. scary, yes...pretty no!