Thursday, February 17, 2011

Getting Back to Solstice ...

      Wow as Valentine weekend passed I realized it has been a whole month since I took the work shop with Molly Stanton .How Time Flys! I think it is time to get on with finishing my doll.
     I'm never sure the direction a doll will take  me when I start it ,I guess you can say I let it happen . Some times it happens quick and other times I audition many fabrics and Ideas before it all falls into place.
      For Solstice I knew I wanted to Keep her in Blue and white with touches of gold . I tried several combinations before finding just the right icy blue, and winter white .I am still on the hunt for the leather or fabric to make her corset from, Not to mention I haven't begun to pick out findings and jewels
     Check back in a few days and you will get a glimpse of her with some clothes on !

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