Thursday, November 17, 2011

Reno / Iowa Retreat ..Snug Harbor NY 2011

     Woo Hooo .. let me start by  Giving Big Ed ( My Hubby) A huge Thank you and a few hugs and Kisses ..This workshop was a fantastic Christmas Gift , yes I had to wait till summer to use it but it was well worth the wait !
      Sherry Goshon is one of My doll Idols .. I love her work and could only hope Sherry would give a workshop close to me one Day ..That day Has Come !! Reno / Iowa Retreat held in Snug Harbor , Staten Island NY ..Snug Harbor is a beautiful historical Maritime park and botanical garden that was the perfect backdrop for a creative weekend .
       Sherry Came to town with her partner in crime Jean Bernard ... They are a Dynamo combination of Talent ,where one leaves off the other one picks up ..  Sherry is so down to earth and Jean is a little shy, they complement each other making for a workshop full of techniques that I'm sure I will use on many other Dolls ...
       We were supplied with a Simple Doll pattern , head, torso and arms to be sewn and turned before the workshop and a supply list from Both Jean and Sherry... I could only wonder what Sherry and Jean Were going to do with the Ridged Wrap ,Tissue paper, Apoxi sculpt  and Wire ...         
      Sherry Guided us through the basic construction of the Dolls Body and the face up..Jean Taught us the cage .. The cage is totaly encrusted in Glitter and sparkle !! (glitter does not photograph well)  .. I love the way she came out .. I still haven't given her a name 
 A BIG THANK YOU TO JEAN AND SHERRY  it was a hoot meeting the both of you !
I hope our paths do cross again  xoxo
A back view
I had to give her legs
Dozens of Tiny frosted hearts Adorn the Wire Cage.
My dear friend Sue Milo gave me the hearts
They were white, I tinted them with ranger Alcohol inks.
I used clear crystals and fancy head pins
 to make the small drop pendants.
Sherry Showed us how to shadow a face with
Pan Pastles and watercolor pencles.

I up- cycled a brides made gown to create her costume
and the center Flower . I used a heat gun to shrink and pucke the fabric .



Dorien said...

Oh, what a great doll!! She is beautiful. Well done!
Fantastic workshop!
I know what I want for Christmas...

Colleen said...

Heather...this doll really is "Beautiful"!@! Her face is so pretty..I love the shading the pan pastels worked beautifully...I almost gave up on them...guess you ll have to give some pointers on how to use them successfully. Her dress is perfect and the wiring and cool little legs really complete this "masterpiece".....Love it.....

Rhissanna said...

She;s very lovely. The chandelier effect on the dress is really stunning and I love the draping and embellishment of the bustle.

Congratulations on getting to a workshop with Sherry Goshen. Hubby is a hero gwtting you this for Christmas.

Leo Leandry said...

Congratulation for your work is amazing, really look beautiful.

Heather Elizabeth Brauner said...

Thank you All For the lovely comments ..they are a real boost for me ..XOXO

Elizabeth Parsons said...

I love her! I love how you hung the little hearts that Sue gave you. Her dress is stunning! You are one talented doll maker!!

Stampin D Amour said...

Hi Heather - just found your site...all I can say is, "WOW!"

I have been attending local doll shows for over 20 years and always have such admiration for the Doll Artists!

-pamela :)

Fran said...


Erika said...

Dear Heather, so nice, to find your blog. Beautiful dolls and so much more things I love. I will visit your blog soon. Sending hugs from Germany and Erika