Sunday, April 22, 2012

Neptune Doll club Meeting

               Evey third Friday of the Month a group of Doll makers meet at the Neptune Library . I have to admit that  I don't make every meeting , it is quite a haul for me and depending on the traffic can take me up to 2 hrs to drive there .but believe me  it is always worth the Trip .               
              This month Stephanie Novatski Brought in her Home made Photo booth or light box what ever you want to call it , it was Cool .. I must make one for my self . Every one brought a doll with them so we could take some photos .
                                here are a few photos I snapped
The dolls in this Photo were Created By Colleen Athens  her beautiful bunny and
a most glamorous Fox
Stephanie took many more photos of the dolls , adjusting the shutter speed and lighting too . My camera is new to me so I haven't learned how to do all the fancy stuff yet. so As you can see I'm leaning over her shoulder  snapping away .... 
A Close up of Colleen Athens dolls  Oh the Detail  her Dolls have

This is Marion  a Prim style doll i made a a while ago  on a vintage doll Bed

I zoomed in just a little


Colleen Colquhoun Athens said...

It was a great informative meeting...I love Marion.... (ps..that was very nice of you to put the picture of my dolls here....)

Elizabeth said...

The best tip I ever heard about taking photos of my art: turn off the flash...

sounds like a good meeting! see you saturday!