Sunday, April 15, 2012

Mermaids Workshop At Anne's House

       Oh how time flies  .. Its been over a month since  My trip to Florida. What can I say  Life has been good , I have had tuns of Creative Energy this year ,work is good and My Darling Grand Daughter  keeps me smiling  it seems I just don't have time to Blog ..
         I went to Florida with My Friend Colleen Athens  Back in Early March ...We stayed at My Brother in laws Hans's Home the first 48 hrs . We Did some  hobby lobby shopping , we even went to the beach and Colleen Got to meet My crazy Florida Family at a little get together for my sister husband Jay , He was home on leave from Afghanistan .

                                OK  I know lets get to the workshop !!!

      .Colleen was teaching her New Mermaid doll At Anne Hesse home studio . So On the third day we drove to Lake Mary and made the la Quinta Hotel our Home for the next 5 Days 
      The night We arrived  Anne and the other Ladies met us for a get to know you meal , as it turned out  I had met two of the women  in Kentucky at MMM a couple years ago and Debby is an old friend from Doll club here in NJ ..It is always  good to make new friends and spend time with old friends Too . On the first day of the workshop Anne gave each one of us a beautiful  Beaded bracelet that she made, how cool is that ! It has inspired me to learn how to bead ! but that is for another Blog .. Anne is a Talented and generous lady I'm so happy to know her .
                          "  Here are a few photos from the workshop "

Colleen Athens

        I should have taken some photos of the finished Dolls But I forgot my camera at the hotel the last day ... Colleen and I  still Had another day in the Lake Mary area  after the workshop we made plans to meet Anne at the place Called " Space Craft " after a little treasure hunting there we went to a cute bead shop, Then Anne treated us to  Lunch at the cheese cake factory , needless to say it was a yummy meal.
     Another Fun Trip comes to an end  Colleen heads home and My Sister comes to get me ..


 the Ladies are working away
Jill and Sally

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Colleen said... forgot to mention that you also taught the paperclay Mermaid...I could not have done it wth out you!!! That trip was great...nice to meet your very loving family and it was great spending time with Anie Hesse....The Art Doll Ambassador!