Friday, May 27, 2011

Linda Misa Workshop Part 2

    We all started with a simple sweet Cloth Doll Body with arms and long legs , made from lindas pattern "Phyllis ".  The instructions said we could play with the size ... So I did  ! The  original  pattern I could print from my computer was 90%  I then shrunk that  down to 70 %  the size was perfect  !
    Linda shaired her teqnique for sculpting a head , face  and Hair from paper clay .Even though this was not my first Clay over cloth Doll ,I still picked up many fantastic sculpting tips and tricks from Linda .Making Hair From paper clay was so much fun and a first for me . Linda had this cool little tool with a brass swirl on the tip she suggested I try it , I pressed it into the individual tufts of hair to create Texture WOW I loved it !
    The dolls dryed while we played  at  Altering Fabric with Rubber stamps .clorox bleach pens ,freemotion sewing and fabric paints .We also created funkie little birds from the paper clay and a small styrofoam egg ( more of that in part three )..
    At the end of day one we All went to a local dinner for a bite to eat and more chatting ..Bushed  from a fun creative day we said good night and headded back to our Hotel room for a good nights sleep...ahhhhh
         On day two we did a little sanding and the dolls were ready for paint ...So Exciting This is what I paid for!! Learing Lindas painting style or as much as I could in a day... LOL..  It was so  much fun painting the whole doll top to bottom with BLACK gesso .We  then used a dry brush method to apply the flesh tone of our choice , The next step was to apply washes for shadeing and highlights  .I love the  Retro feel it gave to My doll .For her face I used a combination of  Acrylic paint , sparkling H2O water color, chalks and Gel pens. I also gave her several coats of mat spray by duncan, befor her lips and eyes were glossed with Triple Thick Gloss medium
      I used  acrylic craft  paint in a vintage golden tone for her hair color, I painted it on ,then gently rubbed it off  with a paper towel to expose the texture swirls in the hair, a little cream paint on the tips gave the hair just the little extra something it needed . After the paint dryed  I applied 2 coats of Triple Thick Gloss medium for a high shine.
Check back for part three of  the Linda Misa Workshop  ! its all about her party dress !

Peace and love  Heather

P.S please excuse any and all spelling mistakes for some reason the spell check on Blog spot seems not to be working...
I started her shoes  painted them with tiny dots of craft acrylic paint .in pink, black, cream and gold
" I think they look like confetti" then I glossed them up with 2 coats of triple thick .

Saturday, May 14, 2011

workshop with Linda Misa . Part One

            Hi everyone I know it has been a long time since my last post . That is because I have been busy living the creative life ,working on Dolls , playing with Paper,  planting my Hippie garden and  meeting new people .
           Speaking of Meeting New People ..I met Linda Misa !!! Yes Linda Misa from Australia  !!!  She was here in New Jersey giving a  2 day workshop at My friend Stephanie's House . Ten days ago Eight fellow Doll makers joined Linda to create a clay over cloth doll with a slightly prim style ,Modeled after Linda's Doll "Phyllis ".
         OMG the workshop was fantastic, Linda Helped each of us bring our doll to life . Linda  shared many techniques with us , from working with  paper clay to build a dolls face and hair to creating our own fabrics . we even made birds from paper clay . But the number one thing for Me was the method Linda used  for painting the doll ...So Cool .. Lets just say I LOVE BLACK GESSO !
          Let Me say Thank You Stephanie For setting up the workshop and for hosting it too ,you are the BEST ! .A big hug and Thank you to Linda for giving us a little bit of herself,  it was a joy to work on a doll with Linda and I hope our paths do cross again .  Oh let me not forget to thank My Hubby Big Ed for giving me the workshop for My birthday . He spoiles me and I love it ... Peace and Love . Heather.

Linda and I  

Linda Misa and The Doll Makers