Saturday, May 14, 2011

workshop with Linda Misa . Part One

            Hi everyone I know it has been a long time since my last post . That is because I have been busy living the creative life ,working on Dolls , playing with Paper,  planting my Hippie garden and  meeting new people .
           Speaking of Meeting New People ..I met Linda Misa !!! Yes Linda Misa from Australia  !!!  She was here in New Jersey giving a  2 day workshop at My friend Stephanie's House . Ten days ago Eight fellow Doll makers joined Linda to create a clay over cloth doll with a slightly prim style ,Modeled after Linda's Doll "Phyllis ".
         OMG the workshop was fantastic, Linda Helped each of us bring our doll to life . Linda  shared many techniques with us , from working with  paper clay to build a dolls face and hair to creating our own fabrics . we even made birds from paper clay . But the number one thing for Me was the method Linda used  for painting the doll ...So Cool .. Lets just say I LOVE BLACK GESSO !
          Let Me say Thank You Stephanie For setting up the workshop and for hosting it too ,you are the BEST ! .A big hug and Thank you to Linda for giving us a little bit of herself,  it was a joy to work on a doll with Linda and I hope our paths do cross again .  Oh let me not forget to thank My Hubby Big Ed for giving me the workshop for My birthday . He spoiles me and I love it ... Peace and Love . Heather.

Linda and I  

Linda Misa and The Doll Makers



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Plain-n-Simple! said...

OMG you have been busy!!!!!!!! Sweet dollies!!!!!!!!