Thursday, October 27, 2011

" ART IS YOU " Day 2

     Fridays workshop ..."COLD BLOODED JOURNAL "..With  MICHAEL DeMENG...

     You just don't know How Excited I was that morning !!! I think Michael is Hands down the Rock Star of Assemblage Art ..
     I bet Mr DeMeng  never Forgets Me . I almost knocked him off his feet with a big Hug the morning of class , I have to admit He looked mildly shocked  by this crazy red Head , but quickly learned I'm quite harmless.   LOL   Michael is so Down to Earth and Willing to Teach his students All about Assemblage Art .. And make you laugh along the way ! I highly recommend taking a workshop with Michael you will not regret it ..
 Yikes... Collage / Assemblage ..Not my Strong point when it comes to ART ..So in the days Before " ART IS YOU " I played with the composition  arranging and rearranging  till I had something I liked.. Leaving me open to learning the techniques . In the End I left class with a Journal Cover  I was very Happy With ..
     The Journal is not Really Finished ,still needs some glazing and and some cool paper on the inside cover ,Maybe a little gold Rub N Buff on the nail heads , Then you know Some More of the USZHHHH,
     As For That Vintage stop watch Case,  I have a plan  for that ... The  "Mysterious Frozen Caveman Trick " page 75 in  Michael DeMeng's Book " Dusty Diablos " the question is should I put a face behind the ICE or a tiny frozen Charlotte  ?  Only time will tell.

Sunday, October 23, 2011


      This Was My First year At " ART IS YOU " and it was one of the best things I have ever done for my self ! ... As the Retreat Approached I Became so excited I thought I might burst..lots of things to pack , supplies for each workshop ,Clothes and Makeup...The one and only thing I forgot was my CAMERA !! oh well can't cry over spilt milk can we .. so all the pictures you are about to see I took once I got home .
      I met Tery at the hotel on Wednesday afternoon ,we unpacked the cars ,and checked in . Colleen arrived later that evening the three of us settled in for the night....
      Thursday Day one , so excited up early .. Breakfast and My first Class .. Thomas Ashman teaching "Glass journal" OMG what a cool guy.. with Thomas's help I conquered My FEAR OF FIRE  in the workshop.
   We learned to make a spine and hinges for our journal from copper.
   Thomas showed us how to anneal the copper and patina it with a torch .. oh what fun it was blasting the copper with the torch. HOT STUFF !!!
   I brought along a vintage bracelet to attach to the journal. I love the way it looks  with the purple in the cover.

A big Thank you to Thomas Ashman for teaching  this fantastic journal to us .

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Woo Hoo A chance to win a Cuttle Bug !

     I recently met a Fab and funky Gal Jenny Holiday .  We Met at a class she was teaching at " Art is You " Wow What a class it was ..I came home and after a day of unpacking and laundry .I started Checking out Blogs ..Woo Hooo .. Loved ' Every day is a Holiday " Pink and Sweet just like Jenny ..And to top it off She Does Freaking Give aways ..Yahoo ....Some Cool Stuff .check it out She is giving Away A CUTTLE BUG !!! brand New in the Box !!! gotta Love That .Gotta Love Jenny !!!