Wednesday, April 28, 2010

A Day in Queens Ny

Tiny violets I  made from the skinner blend

 Last week  my friend Colleen and I hopped over to N.Y , Queens to be exact  We were on our way to a  Polymer clay workshop at the Purple Petals Studio ,With Amber Dawn . Amber makes the most wonderful Minnies in clay . The day was filled with fun and a few laughs too.  We all learned the Skinner Blend and  made tiny flowers with it  the second part of the workshop was the best we made tiny Sweets.... Cakes Cookies and even a little cupcake                                                                                                        

This is my tiny little layer Cake  About the size of a nickel. I think it looks good enough to eat .. See the little chocolate bar too!
2 cookies a cupcake and a Cinnamon  Bun All made in Polymer Clay....I should have made a tiny glass of milk to go with them !

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