Wednesday, April 6, 2011

A Doll For Charity

My First try at a Tiny Top Hat  I used Timtex a scrap of fabric left
over from the costume , Aleen's original tacky glue ,
Vintage rhinestones .silk flower petals and velvet ribbon
with a dash of glitter glue.

I created this Doll from A Patty Culea Pattern
I made the body face and shoes about 4 yrs ago
And there she sat unfinished  .
About 2 months ago I agreed to make a Doll
For a charity auction ,
This Doll was just crying to be finished .
I think  She is is Happy to be Costumed and ready to Go
I will be dropping her off this week 

here is a view of the back of her Slippers .
Rremember I did them 4 yrs ago .

                                                                                  I hope she does well at the Charity Auction !!

I find is Odd how the colors of her costume look so different  depending on the background colors in the photos.

I'm Happy With her finished Look . Patty Culeas Patterns Always Sew Up Beautiful . I'm a Big Fan And Have All of  Patty's Books . Maybe some Day I'll take the Doll Cruise She does.

See you All Soon Till then Keep On liveing the Creative Life ..... Peace and Love Heather.

The Slippers are plum  purple color taffeta with  Ruched Ribbon
store bought organza flowers , Velvet Leaves  & Tiny clear glass beads.
( poor lighting  in this photo )