Tuesday, December 28, 2010

a little clown ... A pattern by Stephanie Novatski

Some times I start a post then forget to finish and post it ! So here is one of them I did a while ago ... This is My Version of a Stephanie Novatski Pattern. This pattern was published last year  or maybe the year before ... you all know  how time flys . The Doll Club I belong to desided to make it club project , We are lucky enough to have Stephanie as a leading Member  of a group that meets once a month in Neptune NJ.The Doll was a Sweet Valentine Doll But As you can tell I went with what I had and it was Stars and  dots  and it became a clown . I added slippers and a purple glass bead for her nose ... The things  I loved about this pattern .... The Hands and the cute feet were  easy and perfect ....The pattern called for a piece of felt sewn into the flat head .Wow that made all the difference when I started to do her face. The hair I made for this little clown is yarn that I wrapped on knitting needles and heat set in a warm oven .  I was very happy with the results  ..... I donated this doll to a charity soon after I finished her.  

June bugs paper clay Sister

Meet June bugs Sister ..
  My Second  Doll in Paper Clay  .......

      Meet June Bugs sister.. I didn't give her a name because I'm sending her to my Mom in Florida..I'm leaving the naming to her .
    I sculpted this small  doll's  head , legs , feet , arms and Hands from paper clay .she has a cage style wire armature , this gave her  body Dimension .I wrapped the armature with a little batting then I slipped on a cloth body suit made from a cotton lycra , a two way stretch fabric....Her wild hair is a beautiful natural silky Moe hair. I picked up her hair  from Collen Athens ,Colleen sells the most delightful Moe hair for dolls! The paint  I used for her skin was the last of my Hanni Sarris faerie skin tone ..Boohoo I'm going to miss  using  Hannis paints . Her Costume is fashioned from a scrap of mesh fabric I gathered and stiffened , some velvet ribbon . tiny woolen nubs , polymer clay flowers with vintage pink rhinestone crystals . a dash of German glass glitter on her shoes and lace wings . TA DA  she is Done .

Her over sized feet 

I didn't have a lot of luck photographing her
But  you can see her  from head to toe  and
even see the tips of her wings.

Monday, December 20, 2010

Doll Club Christmas Swap 2010

This  is the bear I did . I changed the small plastic eyes
 for vintage shoe buttons , and trimmed the fluffy hair down
Added a little polymer clay hat and a bit of vintage lace. .I know
you cant see them but the little dress has white  polymer clay
flowers with peachy pink rhinestone crystals  and pail green
velvet rick rack ribbon . The  beads suspended in the bears paws
are from my stash of goodies .

        Ever year the Girls from Neptune doll club do a Christmas Swap this year Stephanie picked up tiny Bear kits from AC moore .I think they were all of a buck fifty
        The challenge was to Re-make  and  Decorate the fuzzy little Bears .Five Girls brought finished  and Gift wrapped Bears for the Swap. We put numbers in a hat  to see who would pick first , I pulled the number 2 .

Miss Margaret created the tiny Christmas angel .she looks
Ready to dance  in her  pink Too Too .

Stephanie Put her Bear in a Christmas stocking.
 she used rhinestone buttons for the eyes and I'll bet
she made the fabric the stocking is made from

Maria.s Bear  with its amazing needle felted face and paws .the golden outfit she created is lushly layered with poofs and lace.

This is the Bear I picked .A Nutcracker Bear!
Made by Jane .I just love him and get a big smile
every time I look at him. Don't you love the big
Nutcracker teeth

Sunday, December 19, 2010

My First Prim Doll .

        I know I know ..... It has been a long time since my last Blog , That is because I have been haveing to much fun  living the Creative life, Taking Doll workshops and Teaching  doll making too ,  Attending bead shows , Quilt shows and Hunting for treasures . To say the least I have been haveing a GRAND time . 
       Over the past  few monthes I have created more than a few Dolls and hope to post them over the next couple  weeks , So please scroll down to check out one of the  Dolls I finished over the summer .  Peace and love Heather.   
 This is my first Prim Style doll and my First paper clay Doll Too...  Her Name is Marion she is only 8 inches tall .  I named her Marion after my Grand Mother  . The tea dyed vintage  doiley used to create her waist coat  once belonged to my  Grand Mother , I am so lucky  to have been given many lacy doiley from her . I finished Marions outfit with pink satin ribbon , tiny pink  beads and a few  tiny  vintage pearls. Her pink Hat is a polymer clay creation of mine .  

Marion's Little Prim feet  . Her  shoes are painted bronze  and trimmed with gold  , I gave them a glassy high shine with Triple thick Glaze . Her pants are made from a vintage silk christening gown and  bits of vintage trim.

Marion 's hair is a natural silky goat hair,  a wonderful gift from my dear friend Colleen Athens . She is painted with one of the Hanni Sarris farie skin paints and  crackled with Jo Sonjas  Crackle Mediun , Then antiqued with a wash of brown acrlic paint , a coat or two of Duncan Mat spray  gave her a nice smooth finish